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3 min readDec 22, 2021


We are proud to announce that our Genesis Blind Box will soon be available for sale.To keep on working to achieve the milestone on our map, we are excited to share with you that NFT staking mining will be officially open on December 28,2021(UTC 00:00).

What is NFT Egg Staking Mining? Keep reading to know more information!

What is the use of NFT eggs?

Trust me, explorers. Your NFT eggs are not some decorations(To be honest, the eggs themselves look very tempting). Genesis Blind Box is the only way for you to get NFT eggs and access Beast Legends. When you open Genesis Blind Box to get NFT eggs, it will be the beginning of exploring a new world.

There are six levels of NFT eggs as follows:

After acquiring NFT eggs,You will get the game ecosystem governance token ARTS through the staking mining of genesis egg (11 pledges the absolute maximum). The higher the accumulated hash rate of the pledge, the more ARTS will be obtained from the minging pool.

How do NFT eggs staking work?

In the regular NFT staking pool, explorers will deposit NFT eggs opened by blind boxes into mining pool, and explorers will receive $ARTS token based on the number of staking NFT eggs and the total accumulated mining power of the NFT eggs.

That means as an explorer, what you need to do are:

1.Deposit NFT eggs into staking pool(Maximum 11 NFT eggs)

2.Receive $ARTS in return for your staking after a certain period (the amount of your mining power higher, the more $ARTS you will receive from the staking pool).

Also, here is a new piece of information for explorers: when the NFT eggs you stake are getting a higher hashing power, it means that the game has only officially started. You can not only get tons of token, but also improve the probability of hatching the first generation of pure-blooded beasts. For example, in a level 6 NFT egg with a mining power of 300, there will be an 80% chance of getting a pure-blooded beast.

This is the latest information that Beastmen shares with explorers so that you can acknowledge of all our updates in time.

About Beast Legends

Beast Legends is a decentralized, community-driven GameFi platform that empowers users by rewarding users for their participation and enjoyment. By using innovative tokens ($ARTS), while also combining the essence of DeFi and NFT, a truly unique and permanent free game is created; Existing owners must “breed” them by spending currency earned within the game or purchased from the game store. Those earnings can then be sold on the open market for real money, generating income for players.

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