Future Explorers, here is your list of sacred Beasts (Part 1)

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3 min readDec 8, 2021

Beastmen is proud to share a piece of information about Beast Legends with all future explorers. Before that, Beastmen has introduced to you that Beast Legends is the world’s first marbles battle Gamefi based on the concept of Metaverse. As a Free to Play and Play to Earn game, you can earn tokens and get rewards through adventure and cooperation in the game. You can check our website to get more information.

The list of sacred beasts

A.Emperor Dragon

Species — Flying species

Character- Beast

Attribute — Balanced

The attack characteristic of flight system — flying in the sky without being blocked by enemies on the ground.

Habitat — Balance area plate, Jericho Area

Dragons living in Jericho that walk upright and have short wings and can glide in the air.

They are violent and rigid, with a strong sense of territory. It is a fighting race with certain force of elements.

They have no good feelings for the Spirit of the Sacred Mountain and have never been loyal. Instead, they have a certain enthusiasm for foreign humans.

B. Dalila Fox

Species — Terrestrial species

Character — Beast

Attribute — Agility+, Speed-

The attack characteristic of terrestrial system — skilfully wipe around the opponent and slightly increase the movement speed.

Habitat — There are in each region, and there are differences in different images of different regions

As a very special regional race, they are distributed all over the Manor world. According to different environments, the appearance gap and attribute configuration are very different. They are huge evolutionary beasts.

Most of them are gentle and peaceful, but they are extremely resistant to other creatures. They are a typical solitary race. They basically hide in the mountains and forests and do not communicate with foreigners.

C. Kiri Turtles

Species — Aquatic species

Character — Beast

Attribute — Physique +, Spirit +, Speed —

The attack characteristic of the aquatic system- sneak into the ground and deal range damage to surrounding enemies with the help of the power gushed out by groundwater flow.

Habitat — There are in each region, and there are differences in different images of different regions.

They are widely distributed in swamp and river areas. They have an extremely hard shell, feed on small plankton, and their external development is greatly influenced by food.

Most of them are cold and calm, with a little feeling of sloth. Their reflection arc is long, their expression is slow, and their thinking speed is much slower than that of other races. They are typical in different creatures. They basically ignore other existence. If they are touched in a small range, they will also ignore it.

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