Future Explorers, here is your list of sacred Beasts (Part 2)

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3 min readDec 13, 2021


This is Beastmen’s second piece of information for explorers, and I’m sure there won’t be too many more!

Chance is for those who are prepared, explorers!!!

The list of NFT of sub-shenanigans worth waiting for (player support line)

A. Parry Bird

Class — Flying

Class — Sub-God

Attributes — balanced type

Flight system attack characteristics — flying in the sky, unhindered by ground enemies.

Habitat area — Mano World Fifth Dimension: Sub-God’s Domain.

The same sub-god beast that does not die quickly is arrogant and does not communicate with any race except humans.

It is good at analyzing the environment, and its racial memory has been passed down from generation to generation, making it a powerful intellectual being.

B.Naija Login

Department — Land-based

Class — Sub-God

Attributes — Agility +, Speed -

Sandborn attack characteristic — subtly brushes past opponents and slightly increases movement speed.

Habitat area — Mano World Fifth Dimension: Sub-God’s Domain

Sub-God beasts have the energy to communicate with the black hole of the meta-universe. Although their power is slightly weaker than that of the gods, they exist between the meta-universe and the Mano world and are extremely difficult to die.

Befriended with humans, and racial loyalty, not too much desire, lifelong is to assist humans in the conquest.

C. Rift shrimp

Department — Aquatic Department

Class — Sub-God

Attributes — physical +, mental +, speed -

Aquatic attack characteristics — dive into the ground, with the power of the underground water flow gushing out to deal ranged damage to the surrounding enemies.

Habitat area — Mano World Fifth Dimension: Sub-God’s Domain

The same sub-god beast that does not die quickly has a strange nature and cannot communicate but has goodwill towards humans.

It is a wanderer-like being, solid and uncontrollable, switching back and forth between stupidity and rage, and extremely unstable.

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About Beast Legends

Beast Legends is a decentralized, community-driven GameFi platform that empowers users by rewarding users for their participation and enjoyment. By using innovative tokens ($ARTS), while also combining the essence of DeFi and NFT, a truly unique and permanent free game is created; Existing owners must “breed” them by spending currency earned within the game or purchased from the game store. Those earnings can then be sold on the open market for real money, generating income for players.

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