Beast Legends Genesis Blind Box (Round 2)

Dear Explorers.

The second round of Genesis Blind Boxes will be available soon. like the first round, the Genesis Blind Boxes will contain 6 NFTs with varying attributes, rarities, and yield rates. but they will be sold for 0.06 BNB and explorers may get a little surprise when casting, it all depends on their random luck.

Basic information.

Total Blind Box:5000

Per Blind Box price:0.06BNB

Event times:9 January 16:00 UTC

Currently,the NFT egg in the Genesis Blind Box is a passport to the metaverse world of Beast Legends. Each NFT in Beast Legends has different attributes, different rarities, and different certificates of authority. In the future Beast Legends will tailor personalized gameplay based on different NFT attributes to bring NFT holders a rich product experience and benefits.

Also to ensure the fairness of the event, a random number service is used for the blind box extraction mechanism to ensure that the random number generation process is open and transparent to all, that everyone can participate, that the results are verifiable and that no one can influence the outcome of the random numbers.

Good luck, explorers! Don’t use up your luck before then!

About Beast Legends

Beast Legends is a decentralized, community-driven GameFi platform that empowers users by rewarding users for their participation and enjoyment. By using innovative tokens ($ARTS), while also combining the essence of DeFi and NFT, a truly unique and permanent free game is created; Existing owners must “breed” them by spending currency earned within the game or purchased from the game store. Those earnings can then be sold on the open market for real money, generating income for players.

Explore Beast Legends and find your beast! Join us:

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#PlayToEarn Beast Legends is a metaverse world based on the Norse myth. Telegram: #NFTs #Mateverse #Gamefi

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Beast Legends

#PlayToEarn Beast Legends is a metaverse world based on the Norse myth. Telegram: #NFTs #Mateverse #Gamefi