AMA RECAP:Beast Legends X Treasureland

On January 6, Beast Legends had an AMA with Treasureland. bob Armstrong — Beast Legends PM. he participated in a very interesting AMA which included introductions and questions from the Treasureland team and community questions. If you missed the AMA, read this recap for an in-depth look at our Genesis blind box sale and the upcoming official game.

Part 1 — Introductions

Q1:What is your role in Beast Legends? What did you do before Beast Legends?

Bob Armstrong:I am the project manager of Beast Legends,Actually, I have been a member of the Expert Committee of the Global Blockchain Association since 2017.I mainly research and develop courses related to cryptocurrency and decentralized finance before. Meanwhile, I have provided consulting services on blockchain projects for governments of various countries and have also worked as a strategic consultant for Ripple’s payment projects.

Q2:Could you please let our community know about your project? What makes your product stand out in the metaverse games?

Bob Armstrong:Beast Legends is a game inspired by Monster Marbles, which was developed based on the traditional game, while we trace the footsteps of Web 3.0 and apply blockchain technology to bring a new experience to the GameFi.

In brief. Beast Legends is a decentralized, community-driven GameFi platform that empowers users by rewarding users for their participation and enjoyment. By using innovative tokens ($ARTS), while also combining the essence of DeFi and NFT, a truly unique and permanent free game is created.

I think what makes Beast Legends stand out in the metaverse is the hard work of our team and more importantly the relatively fair supply and demand relationship we have created. This is what is often referred to these days as Play to earn(P2E), we have created games and mechanics to give to our users, players can earn and make money from it, that is a perfect circle.

Q3:What are the latest results of the project and what are Beast Legends’ plans?

Bob Armstrong:Our vision is that no NFT metaverse should be singular but rather each metaverse can be interconnected giving each unique NFT increased utility through NFT interoperability between games and platforms. We dream of mapping mythological systems from all over the world to here and striving to change the world through collecting, developing and fighting between beasts.

Q4:As it is known that Beast Legends’ Genesis Blind Boxes will be available tomorrow at Treasureland, could you give us a brief overview of the first phase of the Genesis Blind Box sales?

Bob Armstrong:We were very worried about the first phase of Beast Legends mystery box sale at the beginning but when the Genesis Blind Box went on sale, we were crazy and excited.10,000 Genesis Blind Boxes sold out in 24 hours, which is a new record for us!

We are also delighted to be working with Treasureland to launch the Genesis Blind Box sale. This campaign will be available on January 7th on the Treasureland platform in a limited edition of 400 units. Don’t miss it!

Q5:Can you tell us more about Beast Legends? How can I join Beast Legends?

Bob Armstrong:If you’ve purchased 3 Genesis Blind Boxes, congratulations! You can start your journey to the Beast Legends metaverse game. After purchasing a blind box, you can pledge your NFT eggs to the Beast Legends website to get the ARTS token, which will be available on Pancakeswap on 9 January!

Q6:The official version of Beast Legends’ game will be launched on December 20, is there anything special about the official launch?

Bob Armstrong:This version has daily rewards, weekly rewards, hero upgrades, arenas, and more. Players will be able to earn in-game sub coin rewards through in-game features. In the future HRS will also be available on Pancakeswap, allowing players to trade easily.

To be able to participate in the game, you will need to purchase at least three blind boxes. Right now you can buy blind boxes at Treasureland as there are very attractive discounts tmr.

Part 2 — Live AMA

Q1:Where can we get the latest news of BL? Do you have twitter/Telegram /Discord? Could you please share the links?

Bob Armstrong:

✨ Follow Beast Legends Official Links below:

🎮 Official Website:
🐥 Twitter:
📬 Telegram:
👥 Discord:

Q2:What’s Beast Legends’ strategy for attracting non-crypto users?

Bob Armstrong: Firstly we have created a supply and demand relationship for Play to earn.

And secondly, pinball has always been a popular game theme for many players and is easy to join.

Q3:Currently, the majority of people are focused on metaverse, Web3, NFT and Gamefi, in this way, what are Beast Legends’ advantages?

Bob Armstrong: I think Web 3.0, Metaverse, and Games can be seen as products of the same world where you can express your personality and interests, and Beast Legends cuts right into this area that has huge growth potential and will see a different spot in the future!

Finally, thanks to Bob Armstrong for his wonderful sharing and a special thanks to Treasureland and the community members for their support and friendship!

Explore Beast Legends and find your beast! Join us:

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#PlayToEarn Beast Legends is a metaverse world based on the Norse myth. Telegram: #NFTs #Mateverse #Gamefi

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Beast Legends

#PlayToEarn Beast Legends is a metaverse world based on the Norse myth. Telegram: #NFTs #Mateverse #Gamefi